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  • Great Books for Beginning Your Adoption Story

    Every adoption has a story, and every adoption story should be told! Our Treatment Foster Care and Adoption team shared their recommendations for books to read when growing your family through adoption. These picks will help your family grow together as your own adoption story flourishes. For Children and Parents “Families Change: A Book for […]

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  • Foster care and adoption: How many families are needed?

    By Jeanne Hollingshead There are more than 5,000 children in foster care right now. Does that sound like a lot to you? It is when you consider how many families are needed for these children. For every one child in foster care, we need five families to be available for that child. That’s 25,000 families […]

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  • Ways to Give Back this Holiday Season

    The holiday seasons is one of the best times of the year. Family and friends get together to reflect on their blessings, exchange thoughtful gifts, and celebrate the start of a new year. Many are moved to give back during this time, but the few short weeks that are jam-packed with celebration can make it […]

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  • Adoption: Don’t assume you know the destination before you make the journey

    By Jeanne Hollingshead Most families spend years thinking about becoming foster or adoptive parents. My husband and I were no different. We debated and researched having children after the age of 40. We talked about whether we had space, time and energy to parent. After much deliberation and the purchase of a new house, we […]

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