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Supported Employment Available Services

Supported Employment services are provided to individuals 18 and older with significant intellectual and/or developmental disabilities who meet eligibility requirements and wish to find and retain competitive employment in the community.

Situational Assessments

Allow job-seekers to “try out” jobs at various employment locations in order to determine job preferences, performance levels and support and accommodation needs.

Job Development

A focused job search in which individuals’ strengths and abilities are matched with competitive jobs in the community. Jobs are sometimes restructured to match the abilities of the job-seeker to the business needs of the employer.  Job-seekers and employers are supported with developing workplace accommodations as needed.   LFS staff can assist with the job application process, interviewing, resume writing and any follow-up that may be required in the pursuit of employment.

Job Placement and Training

One-on-one job-coaching, support, and training are provided at the level that is needed to the individual as she or he learns the new job and becomes comfortable with her or his work environment.  These services will gradually fade as the individual gains independence and develop natural supports on the job.  Over time, LFS staff will remain available (in follow-along services) to assist if and when there is any change to the individual’s job duties, as well as check in with the individual and their supervisor on a regular basis.

Available Services Hours

Supported Employment services are largely provided in community settings. Support is provided to the individual on the job site during their regular work hours, during an arranged situational assessment time, or as convenient for the employer if a special meeting is required. These hours may be in the evening or weekends. Staff may also meet with individuals in their homes, LFSVA offices or other community locations to provide training and support related to job-seeking or work. Supported Employment staff offices are at the LFSVA Administrative Office, which has office hours from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday.

Frequency of Services

The frequency of appointments and interventions provided to individuals vary depending on a variety of factors including the amount of time authorized by the funding source, the support levels, and needs of the individual and the individual’s work schedule.  Typically, individuals meet with their employment specialists at least once per week until long-term follow-along services begin.  During follow-along services, employment specialists meet with or contact individuals at least once per month.


Services are billable to DARS, Medicaid waiver or self-pay. A vendor agreement with the Department for Aging and Rehabilitative Services is negotiated annually. Medicaid and self-pay for this service are based on the vendor rate. Medicaid Waiver rates are consistent with DARS rates and may be billed if the person has funding through the Medicaid Waiver program. Medicaid is the payer after DARS funding has been exhausted.

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