The chances for Virginia teenagers in foster care who want to be adopted decrease dramatically with each passing year. That’s why when we help form a new family through adoption for a parent and older child, we celebrate!

Desiree has worked with Lutheran Family Services as a foster parent for three years. Lena came to LFS in the spring of 2013, and to hear them both talk, it was a relationship that clicked from the very beginning. Lena’s adoption was recently finalized.

“Desiree is the Mom I always needed and wanted,” says Lena, whose mother died when she was two. Desiree is happy about becoming that mom after raising her two biological daughters and nurturing numerous foster children.

Desiree on Lena: “She’s a teenager and keeps me laughing even when I’m upset. She is a really good girl and a joy to be around.”

Lena on Desiree: “She is very understanding, and not  judgmental. I feel like I’ve known her a long time. She is a genuine person, and I love her.”

 NPR Producer Catherine Komp brings you Desiree and Lena Wolfe’s story, here