This is the second year that the good people of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Hampton have partnered with Lutheran Family Services of Virginia to commemorate Child Abuse Prevention and Autism Awareness Month. On sunny April 14 many hands made short work of planting more than 600 pinwheels in the side yard of the church building at 807 West Mercury Blvd. Each pinwheel represents ten children who were victims in founded reports of abuse and neglect in our state last year and the almost 6,000 children in our Commonwealth who are on the autism spectrum.

Together we are shining a spotlight on hope, health and safety for children by planting pinwheels to convey the encouraging fact that prevention and support work. If you are in the area, take a drive past St. Paul’s to see our pinwheel garden, which will be harvested on Rachel’s Day Sunday, May 5, which is a nationwide Lutheran observance to help prevent violence against children. And join our pinwheel photo contest on Facebook where you can also see our Richmond pinwheel planting. If you would like information about services for families with children on the autism spectrum, call Hollie Stephens at (757) 722-4707.