Every day at the Danville Day Support Program, Mikey carefully takes a LeapPad learning tablet out of its case, checks the batteries, turns it on and logs into his profile. With the gentle guidance of a staff member at his side, Mikey is ready to get digital. He reviews the photos he has taken and decides what he should photograph that day, which might include a picture book or a movie on television–or you.

With a recent $1,350 grant from The Community Foundation of the Dan River Region, Lutheran Family Services of Virginia is helping individuals like Mikey build fine motor skills and improve basic comprehension. The grant enabled the day support staff to buy the LeapPad Explorer Learning System, a hand-held learning designed for pre-K and elementary school age children that is often used as a learning tool for adults with intellectual and developmental delays.

“Besides using it to take pictures, he enjoys the spelling and writing games, which help increase his communication skills,” says Linda Montgomery, the center’s program manager. “The LeapPad system lets Mikey explore his creative side, improve fine motor skills, learn to care for an important piece of equipment, and most importantly, helps him to interact with others in a wonderfully positive fashion.”

To find out more about Lutheran Family Services day support programs and other services for adults with disabilities, please call 1.800.359.3834 or email info@lfsva.org.

Caption: Mikey