One LFSVA Minnick School will open and another will relocate this year to create more opportunities for children who need academic and behavioral help.

The new Minnick School in Bristol, Virginia, set to open as soon as staff are hired and renovations are completed, will be housed in the former Janie Hammit Home. The 6,400 square-foot building sits on three acres and will be able to hold 24 students from kindergarten through eighth grade. With three large areas for classrooms, a full kitchen, and room to renovate, the building can grow with the need.

The Home has an interesting story; it opened as an orphanage founded in 1936 and eventually evolved into a group home for girls. A bit of history will remain with the school as the owners requested that a portrait of Janie Hammit remain hanging in the building. Lori Long will be overseeing both the Bristol and Wise Minnick Schools.

In Harrisonburg, it’s all about that space. Space for a multipurpose room. A living area with a full kitchen. A PAES vocational lab. And, most important, space for more students. At almost 15,000 square feet, the new home for the Harrisonburg Minnick School at 1661 Virginia Avenue will be able to hold up to 70 children, more than twice the number of students at the school now.

The renovations, which just started, will also include observation areas for most of the classrooms. This means that school staff, parents and college students in a variety of education-related disciplines can see and hear students at work without interrupting class and distracting students.

“It’s a win-win,” says Brenda Showalter, the school’s educational coordinator. “Students who are studying to become teachers can see how veteran teachers operate in the classroom, and our staff will benefit from learning the latest in educational practices from these ‘pre-service’ teachers.” Move-in is set for early summer

Pictured is the new Harrisonburg Minnick School.