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WiFi for Minnick Students

“Now is the time for us to lift up our eyes and see the opportunities that are before us to be God’s heart and hands in a hurting world. Now is the time to open our hearts and our gifts so that we might be the church together for the sake of the world.” — The Rev. John Wertz Jr., Director of Evangelical Mission/Assistant to the Bishop

At Lutheran Family Services of Virginia, we are grateful to be a mission partner of the Virginia Synod. We were founded 132 years ago by Lutherans, and we cherish our history and connection. In the midst of this global pandemic, we have a very specific need that the ELCA is helping us achieve: providing WiFi access in homes until the end of the academic year so that our 200+ Minnick School students will have equitable access to remote instruction and continued support.

Virginia Synod’s goal: provide WiFi for 25 Minnick students access for three months. As of June 1st, we have been able to provide for 29 students thanks to the generosity of 16 different churches, the Synod Office and the VA Lutheran Campus Ministry!

Can you help? It costs $3.50 per day to ensure each student can stay connected to teachers and support staff and continue to thrive.

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