Have you ever imagined what superpower you would like to have?

While being able to fly or having x-ray vision might not be possible in this lifetime, there’s one simple way that people in the Roanoke area can feel like they have superpowers, anyway – by attending a night of fun and fellowship that benefits Lutheran Family Services of Virginia’s individuals with disabilities.

Join us on Saturday, May 21 for our annual night of baseball with the Salem Red Sox; it’s a win-win for Lutheran Family Services of Virginia, for baseball fans, and for people who are committed to being superheroes in their communities!

This year we’re building a brand new program, Supported Employment Services, from the ground up. By purchasing a ticket to the baseball game, you’ll be investing in the futures of those who seek the independence and empowerment of having a job.

All too often, people with disabilities and their families never realize that employment is an option. We believe that everyone deserves the chance to experience earning a paycheck and enjoying the feeling of a job well done – they promote well-being and community connection. Our new Supported Employment Services program provides this opportunity for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Tickets purchased through LFSVA support this exciting program in the Roanoke Valley, and they’re only $10!

Thank you for supporting the students and individuals we work with and the community we all live in. We’re pretty sure you already have superpowers!

Learn more about the Supported Employment Services program by watching this video: