Hi, I’m Mikey and I’m Robbie. We are brothers and we both have Duchenne’s Muscular Dystrophy, which means we can feel everything, but we can’t move. When our noses are itchy we need help to scratch.

We live with our great-grandmother. She also has health problems and is unable to lift us or move us. That’s why we need Lutheran Family Services.

Our direct support professional (DSP) comes to our house at 7:15 each morning to get us ready for school. She washes our hands and faces with a warm cloth. She changes us, dresses us and brushes our teeth. She puts us in our motorized chairs and helps us catch the bus to school. We love to go to school and be with our peers. If our DSP can’t come we have to stay home.

Our direct support professional gets us off of the bus in the afternoon and helps us with our evening routine: feeding us, bathing us, and interacting with us. Without our DSP we would never be able to go out into the community. She took us to Toys R Us for the very first time. We saw a bazillion toys. She takes us to the movies and to ride the bumper cars. When we went to the Halloween Party our DSP danced with us. We spun round and round in our chairs and everyone clapped for us.

We are glad to have this support in our lives.

Written by Marsha Presson, Day Support Regional Manager
This a narrative I wrote from time spent with the boys over the past 3 years. This is not an interview with them nor should it be considered direct quotes.