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Schools and Referrals FAQs

Who licenses Minnick Schools?

Minnick Schools are licensed by the Virginia Department of Education to provide educational services to children and adolescents between the ages of 5 and 22 years of age. Minnick Schools are members of the Virginia Association of Independent Specialized Educational Facilities (VAISEF).

Who pays for the placement at Minnick?

Students who are eligible for special education services are part of the mandated population served by the Comprehensive Services Act. 8 VAC 20-80-66 provides regulations regarding the placement of students’ whose Individualized Education Program can no longer be met in the public school setting.

How will we receive notification of the student’s progress?

The Minnick staff will provide the school division as well as the parent with IEP monitoring feedback and grades as frequently as the IEP dictates such monitoring to occur. Progress reports to schools will include a compilation of grade cards, summary behavior reports, data and graphs, and narrative statements of progress.

Who is responsible for writing or making revisions to the IEP?

It is the responsibility of the school division to write the IEP or any necessary revisions. However, Minnick staff will provide a current level of performance and suggestions for goals, accommodations, and any other component requested by the sending school.

Will Minnick conduct evaluations to determine continuing eligibility for special education services?

Minnick does not conduct eligibility assessments. However, Minnick will assist school divisions in any way to complete assessments to include conducting classroom observations, providing time and office space to test students or assisting in the record review process for evaluation purposes.

Does Minnick provide related services to eligible students?

Minnick does not provide related services.

How does a student exit Minnick?

The primary goal of Minnick Schools is to return the student to his or her home school. When a student enters Minnick, the IEP team discusses the goals the student must achieve satisfactorily to return to the public setting. Data is collected in order to track progress toward these goals. Transition plans are discussed throughout the student’s stay at Minnick to prepare for the student’s return.

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