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School Admissions FAQs

Who pays for the placement at Minnick?

The Comprehensive Services Act will pay for students eligible for special education services to attend a private day school facility when their Individualized Education Program can no longer be met in the public schools.

Can I place my child at Minnick?

The Individualized Education Plan (IEP) team at your child’s school will determine if Minnick is the best place for your child. Minnick Schools do not accept private pay and will not take referrals for enrollment directly from parents. All referrals must be submitted in conjunction with a staff member from the home school division.

How am I informed of my child’s progress?

The Minnick staff provides the school division and parents with feedback and grades that are required by your child’s IEP. Daily behavior reports are sent to parents and all students are evaluated at each mid-term, end of grading period and as the IEP mandates.

Who is responsible for writing or making revisions to the IEP?

It is the responsibility of the school that your child attended before coming Minnick to write the IEP or any necessary revisions. However, Minnick staff will provide information about your child’s performance and suggestions for goals, accommodations, and any other component requested by the sending school.

Who determines continuing eligibility for special education services?

Minnick does not conduct eligibility assessments, but will assist school divisions by conducting classroom observations, providing time and office space to test students or assisting in the record review process for evaluation purposes.

Does Minnick provide related services to eligible students?

Minnick does not provide related services such as speech and language or physical or occupational therapy. Minnick staff will coordinate with the home school staff to ensure that related services are delivered per the IEP.

Will my child receive instruction in the same courses in which he or she was enrolled in the home school?

Yes. We may not be able to replicate some secondary courses, but an alternate course will be offered so that the child does not lose credit toward graduation.

How will my child be transported to Minnick?

The sending school division provides transportation. During each IEP meeting, transportation is discussed and arranged.

Are the rules for students the same at Minnick as they are at public schools?

The rules are essentially the same. Minnick will provide you and your child with a Family Handbook that explains rules and expectations. We will review the handbook with you when you bring your child to Minnick.

How long will my child remain at Minnick?

The length of time a student remains at Minnick is different for each child. We will discuss with you and the IEP team the behavioral and academic goals that must be met before your child can return to public school. We will work with you, your child and your child’s school to create a transition plan to return your child to the public school successfully.

Will my child still be able to graduate if he or she attends Minnick?

Your child will receive instruction that meets the graduation components in the IEP and of the Virginia Department of Education.

If I am dissatisfied with my child’s placement at Minnick, what should I do?

If for any reason you are dissatisfied with your child’s placement at Minnick, you should first contact the principal of the school. If you have done this and not met with satisfaction, you should contact the Director of Special Education to arrange for a meeting to discuss your issues with Minnick. They may invite Minnick staff to participate.

If my child moves to a different school district while he or she is enrolled in Minnick, will he or she still be able to attend Minnick?

The new school district will have to conduct an IEP meeting to discuss the student’s placement at Minnick. If the IEP team believes it is the best placement, they will seek funding from the appropriate Family Assessment and Planning Team.

How will my child transition back to his or her home school?

The staff from your child’s home school will continue to be involved in your child’s education as it is appropriate. Home school staff may make contacts with Minnick staff, with you or directly with your child to ensure that progress is being made while your child attends Minnick so that your child’s transition back to the home school is successful.

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