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Donor FAQs

How is LFSVA different from other non-profit organizations?
Doesn’t the government pay for this service?
How will my donation be used?
How often will I hear from LFSVA?
Are there other ways I can get involved with Lutheran Family Services of VA?

How is LFSVA different from other non-profit organizations? That is a good question! The foundation of everything we do, everything we are and everything we aspire to be are five Guiding Principles. They are abundance, relationships, person-centered, stewardship, and shared ownership. What does this mean in our day-to-day work? It means that we seek the most full, complete and abundant life for the people we serve, that we value relationships and develop and sustain them in every aspect of our work, that we are devoted to creating solutions that put the people we serve front and center, that we are good stewards of our resources, and that all the people who make up Lutheran Family Services share the responsibility for making our organization a strong advocate, provider and visionary for the people we serve.

Doesn’t the government pay for this service? Most of our program expenses are covered by Medicaid, school funding, Department of Social Services, and Community Services Board funding. However, these sources only pay the very minimum to accomplish the necessary services (i.e. staff salaries, rent, utilities).

How will my donation be used? Your donation is the heart of our programs. While government funding covers the cost of staff and the actual service we provide, there are many things that we need for our programs to thrive. Your donation enhances the quality of life for the children, families, students and individuals we serve. Donations to Lutheran Family Services have enabled us to:

  • Install Smart Boards in every classroom at each of our Minnick Schools
  • Create a playground for children to enjoy the outdoors
  • Employ creative ways to find permanent adoptive homes for our foster children
  • Buy outdoor furniture so our group home residents can enjoy an afternoon on their back patio
  • Take children with autism and their families on varied and fun community adventures
  • Buy decorations for our annual prom for individuals with disabilities

Does one particular program touch your heart? You can designate your gift to any of our service areas.

How often will I hear from LFSVA? As a donor you are very important to us, and we like to share stories with you of how your gift is making a difference in the lives of your community members. We mail three to four newsletters each year, send monthly e-newsletters, an occasional special update on specific services, and twice a year we send out appeal letters. However, we want to customize your experience with us so if you only want to receive electronic information we will honor that or if you want to only receive our printed newsletters we can arrange that too! Just let us know your preferences.

Are there other ways I can get involved with Lutheran Family Services of VA?

  • Volunteer. We offer ongoing and one-time volunteer opportunities
  • Lunch and Learn. Monthly Lunch and Learn events are offered on a rotating basis among our service locations. This is a great opportunity to take a tour of one of our sites, hear stories about the children, families, and individuals we serve, and meet the staff. Plus, you get a free lunch!
  • Wish List. Each program has a wish list of items for their specific program including books, school supplies, and kitchen items. Visit our wish list on Amazon.com. Go to Wish List and type in LFSVA for a list of items that have been selected by our programs.
  • Amazon Smile. Anytime you make a purchase on Amazon, you can designate funds to LFSVA! Next time you want to purchase something from Amazon, go to smile.amazon.com and enter Lutheran Family Services of VA in the local charity section, then a portion of your purchase total for your order (and future orders) will be donated to LFSVA.

More questions? Feel free to contact Leah Shank, Development Coordinator at 540.562.8486 or email her at lshank@lfsva.org.

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