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A long and rich history of care for individuals with disabilities

Since the early 1980s, Lutheran Family Services has offered educational and therapeutic services to children with emotional, intellectual and developmental disabilities through our Minnick Schools and child and family services. Our services grew to include behavioral therapy for children on the autism spectrum, parent education groups for their families, outpatient mental health counseling for children in the foster care and adoption program, and vocational programming for students with complex needs.

Expanding our capacity to serve

Our desire to extend our work with children and families led us to move into serving adults who are coping with a wide spectrum of disability. In 2011, Lutheran Family Services purchased a well-respected provider of programs to adults with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities. Our staff doubled in size, we increased our leadership capacity, and we established a network of services to support individuals with disabilities throughout their lifespan. Fully established developmental services include Family Care homes, in-home services, and day support.

We have expanded our programs into northern Virginia and Tidewater, opened new group homes, refurbished existing group homes and day support programs, and recruited more family care home providers. In addition, we have and continue to expand our Minnick School campuses to further serve families whose children have complex special needs.

Affiliated with a nationwide services network

LFSVA continues to be active in the Lutheran Services of America Disability Network, which includes 25 member organizations providing support to more than 150,000 individuals in 32 states and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Continuing to build high-quality services

Our goal is to provide a seamless, lifespan array of services and supports to individuals with disabilities through an array of flexible, individualized, and high-quality community services in areas of Virginia where they are most needed. We will continue to expand choice for individuals and families, provide the highest possible quality of services and supports, and build the kinds of public and/or private provider partnerships that will help us sustain and build upon our successes

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