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Counseling Services

Our experienced psychotherapists offer a trauma-informed and integrative approach to individual and family therapy to include mindfulness-based cognitive behavioral, expressive and play-based modalities, as well as trauma-focused interventions for children, adults and families dealing with the emotional and behavioral issues related to:

  • Grief and loss
  • Adverse life experiences and trauma
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Adjustment related to foster care
  • Adjustment related to adoption for children and adults in all stages of their adoption history
  • Family therapy and psychoeducational groups for families exploring adoption

Post-Adoption Counseling for Families

Lutheran Family Services of Virginia is offering outpatient mental health services, including diagnostic assessment and treatment, by adoption-competent clinicians who have received nationally recognized, rigorous training to work with the unique needs of families who have adopted.

Lutheran Family Services is working with the Virginia Post-Adoption Consortium, a collaborative partnership that includes the Center for Adoption Support and Education (C.A.S.E.). The Consortium is funded by the Virginia Department of Social Services as part of the ADOPT Virginia, which was created in response to the lack of adoption-competent services for adoptive families. For more information, email the staff members below or call 1.800.359.3834.

Is there a cost?

We accept several major insurances and self-pay. We also offer sliding-scale fee arrangements. Some families in the Roanoke and Tidewater regions may be eligible for grant funding for post-adoption counseling services. Contact us to find out more.

Who will provide services?

In the Roanoke/Piedmont area:
Emily Webb Olsen
is a Licensed Professional Counselor in the Piedmont region who specializes in assisting children, adolescents, and their families experiencing mental health and/or behavioral crisis in the community. She is trained as an adoption-competent therapist and trainer through the Center for Adoption Support and Education. Emily provides trauma-focused, family-centered interventions for adoptive youth and their families.
Contact: eolsen@lfsva.org or 540-774-7100 Ext. 1015

In the Tidewater area:
Bronwyn Robertson
is a Licensed Professional Counselor in Tidewater who has more than 20 years of experience working with children, adolescents, and families. She specializes in integrative psychotherapy using mindfulness-based, trauma-focused, cognitive-behavioral, expressive, play and somatic interventions for adoptive youth and their families. She is certified as an adoption-competent therapist and adoption competency trainer via the Center for Adoption Support and Education and has lectured and published internationally on psychotherapy for trauma and anxiety and on mindfulness-oriented therapies including integrative, mindfulness-oriented cinematherapy.
Contact: brobertson@lfsva.org or 757-722-4707 Ext. 1322

In the Winchester area:
Heidi J. Ivey
is a Resident in Counseling serving the Greater Winchester area. She specializes in working with children, adolescents and their families to encourage each individual to address identified mental health concerns in a warm and supportive environment. Heidi uses an integrative approach to addressing the client’s needs utilizing person-centered techniques, play interventions, expressive art strategies, trauma-focused treatment, and cognitive behavioral interventions.
Contact: hivey@lfsva.org or 540-450-2782 Ext. 6707

Lee Lee Sarlo is a Supervisee in Social Work serving the Greater Winchester area. She works directly with children, adolescents, and families to support each individual in addressing identified mental health concerns while using goal-oriented and person-centered approaches. Lee Lee provides individualized treatment utilizing empathy, empowerment, and evidence-based practices to ensure each individual’s experience is positive and effective.
Contact: lsarlo@lfsva.org or 540-450-2782 Ext. 6701

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