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Foster Care and Adoption

Foster and Adoptive Families

Foster families offer important care for children and youth when their own parents are unable to provide for their them.  Families may have foster children for short periods of time or these stays may be extended, particularly if it is decided that a child cannot return home.  During this time, families who foster provide care until children are returned home or other permanent homes can be found.  In some cases, foster parents adopt children in their care.

To support the need for safe and supportive family environments in our community, LFSVA trains and approves foster and adoptive parents in the Richmond and Tidewater area.

LFSVA does not approve families who are seeking infant adoptions, private adoptions, or out-of-state adoptions.  We are happy to assist families looking for adoptive placements by referring to our partner agencies.

Post-Adoption Counseling Services

Today’s adoptive families need treatment specialists who understand the unique nature of building a family through adoption and the challenges that may arise that are related to their adoption story. One of the most frequent complaints from members of the extended family of adoption is their inability to find mental health professionals who are adoption-competent – that is, who understand the unique issues associated with their histories and current lives, and how adoption can color or shape their views of themselves and their relationships.

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