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VictoriaVictoria Chavez

Youth & Family Treatment Specialist, TDT, Winchester

The reason I wanted to join this team is that as I work off-site from an LFSVA office in the TDT program, I believe it is important to demonstrate to the community what LFSVA believes in. Through the team, I hope to find new and creative ways of sharing the Guiding Principles that I can bring back to both where I work and to other members of LFS so they can do the same.


Trae VickersTrae Vickers

Youth & Family Treatment Specialist, TDT, Winchester

The reason why I want to take part in the Champion Teams is because I want to give back to LFS. I want to be able to be part of this team so that I can help to further the mission of LFS.


Sharae Henderson

Intake Coordinator/Youth & Family Treatment Specialist, Richmond

It is with great pleasure that I express my interest in becoming a member for the champion team! I am very interested in seeking new ways to support staff as we strive to improve the way in which we service our clients. I am eager to have the opportunity help the agency grow and ultimately promote change.



Roy SandersRoy Sanders

Teacher, Wise Minnick School

The guiding principles have been a major influence in how we perform our job at Minnick Wise. For three years, when asked about the focus of our school, uncertainty came to mind. Since adopting the guiding principles, I feel a sense of pride when asked about the mission of Minnick Schools. I can now answer that question with confidence. I would love to be part of a team that will utilize these values to improve the classroom.


reggieReggie Grubb

Assistant Teacher, Wytheville Minnick School

It’s is an honor to work for LFS. I love the children and all the challenges that are presented on a daily basis. I would love to see an ABUNDANCE of new technology. I tell people where I work all the time and they don’t know us. I think there is an ABUNDANCE of people in Wythe County that would be willing to support our guiding principles. I love people and enjoy all the RELATIONSHIPS I have made in my six years at Minnick Schools. I take the challenge of making my classroom PERSON-CENTERED every day. I do believe we can put our minds together and achieve greater things. It is my belief that we can outgrow our school. It is my belief we can be better STEWARDS to our community and fellow communities. I work with great people every day. It is my belief that working together we can achieve the impossible. I believe this because my coworkers and I do it every day. I believe when we practice SHARED OWNERSHIP nothing is impossible.

MukierMukier Williams

Youth & Family Treatment Specialist, Tidewater

As a new employee of LFSVA, I am excited to be able to become a part of such an innovative company. The guiding principle provided a great framework for how we conduct business to better serve our individuals. I believe that I bring a high level of enthusiasm to the process, that is filled with innovative ideas and willingness to dedicate myself to motiving my peers. I would like to volunteer to assist with creating ways to implement the guiding principle into our daily work experience.


MonicaMonica Cannon

Foster Parent Engagement Specialist, Richmond

I look forward to joining the Champions team so I may contribute to the culture shift that is taking place at LFSVA with our guiding principles as the foundation. And I am excited about collaborating with other colleagues outside of the Richmond office that I normally would not come in contact with.



Meghan color headshotMeghan Prichard

Web/New Media Specialist, Richmond

I have immensely enjoyed my six months at LFSVA life and I want to channel my enthusiasm for the organization toward making it even better. I strive to allow time for fun, mindfulness, and gratitude in my own life, and I want to incorporate those same values into every aspect of our work. As we adapt to an ever-changing economic and political landscape, I want to help ensure that we adopt new technologies and ways of working that incorporate and celebrate our Guiding Principles.

MatthewMatthew Hescock

Regional Manager, Developmental Services, Tidewater

I am excited about being chosen as a champion because now I can join the amazing team we have in place and ensure all the staff, leaders and individuals in our family see how our guiding principles all connect to each other and illustrate how we should work, live, and lead in our communities. I have some fun and exciting ideas about spreading our guiding principles to these groups along with how we celebrate them using these principles on different gratification levels. Let’s choose to be great every day.

Laura Williams

Laura Williams

TFC Intake, Tidewater

I enjoy the work we do, and I am passionate about our youth, families, community, and staff. I embrace the opportunity to work with others in an effort to promote the Guiding Principles to help us learn and grow and to have a positive impact within the agency and community.

Latasha JesseLatasha Jessee

Billing & Payroll Specialist, Roanoke

I wanted to take part in this team because I want to help create fresh and exciting ideas for making the Guiding Principles an integral part of our work place culture.





John DavisJohn Davis

Coordinator of Educational Technology, Roanoke Minnick School

I truly believe that our staff are everyday heroes. My hope is that the guiding principles will serve to spark changes that improve not only the services that we provide, but the sense of satisfaction and appreciation that our staff feel while serving the community. LFSVA is a great place to work. I am volunteering for the Champion Team to help make it an amazing place to work.


Jordan DigginsJordan Diggins

Youth & Family Treatment Specialist, Richmond

Since childhood, I’ve always wanted to do something that was viewed as being important. Thankfully, my position with LFSVA is allowing me the chance to make that goal come alive. I believe in our guiding principles and being a member of the Champion Team will mean that I get to help others believe in the values that drive our agency.

jasonJason Lichti

Counselor, Harrisonburg Minnick School

As a counselor, I value the person-centered approach and find that it honors the beauty of the individuals we serve. I am excited to be a part of putting the principles into daily, concrete practices as we work in our different settings.




Jamie GagnonJamie Gagnon

Manager FC & In-home, Lynchburg

I am excited to have the opportunity to be a part of the Guiding Principles Champion Team. I love being a part of an agency that is so invested in its people and mission. As a champion, I hope to help make our Guiding Principles a part of our every day work by encouraging those around me to develop a heart of serving. I think this would make abundance, relationships, person-centered, stewardship and shared ownership second nature. I look forward to helping our agency grow and continue to be great!


Catherine SimmonsCatherine Simmons

Direct Support Professional, Roanoke

I look forward to joining the C2BG Champion Team of LFS to spread our Guiding Principles through out our organization! I believe my natural passion for creativity and passion for art will help our team in this mission and cannot wait to begin this journey. Let’s get on it!!!



C HollandChristina Holland

RN, Lynchburg

As the certified regional instructor, I visit nearly every area throughout LFSVA. I have built positive relationships with our providers, staff and individuals. I am fortunate to be able to see all of the wonderful services we provide to our individuals as well as the outstanding staff we possess. I believe in our guiding principles and motivate our providers and staff through the training process. I have been a nurse for more than 10 years and have worked in many environments, seeking that one company that had the same belief system and goals to not only improve lives, but empower everyone, from staff to individuals. To live abundantly through a holistic model. I am blessed to experience this through Lutheran Family Services, from Developmental Services to Foster Services, to the Minnick schools. Every position here has a hand in making lives better, and I am honored to have the opportunity to encourage and motivate in a team approach, experiencing shared ownership daily. To help make a great company even greater. More importantly, to empower our individuals to live the lives they desire.

AmandaAmanda Collins

Manager, TFC, Bedford

I am Amanda Collins and am the manager at the Treatment Foster Care office in Bedford, VA. I consider myself to be task oriented, creative, and enjoy a challenge. I look forward to celebrating the many ways in which the Guiding Principles are currently in use, as well as inspiring further development among staff!

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