Carol McCulloch, from La La’s Piano Players, makes weekly visits to the Lutheran Family Services of Virginia Roanoke Day Support Program. She brings music, energy, and Charley the horse!

Carol began working with individuals with disabilities by teaching piano.

“In the past, I taught one of the client’s piano lessons. That’s how it all started, and I fell in love with these folks.”

Every week, she gives the members of the day support program the opportunity to sing songs, dance and experience music. She has created strong bonds within the group, and the visits allow day support program members the chance to express themselves. It also helps bring out the unique characteristics of everyone involved.

“I see how unique they are, in ways that are just fabulous. I could tell you right now, if we had the time, what each one offers each week. There’s a gift that each has, and I love it.”

The positive impact of the visits is evident in the smiles and interactions within the group.

As Carol explains, “You see the power of music on the faces of people who ordinarily, maybe, don’t speak, don’t have much reaction when you talk to them, but you can actually see it. It’s therapy. It’s therapy for all of us.”