It’s a windy, but sunny, spring day as the Meals on Wheels volunteers climb into the van to begin their route. Carol Barnes reads the first address and spells out the street name before opening her 11 a.m. snack to keep her blood sugar stable.

Today her companions are Stuart and Brandon. All three are participants at the Lutheran Family Services Day Support program in Lynchburg, and with the help of LFS staff member Mary Jane Helfrich, the group delivers 12 meals. The route winds around Lynchburg; one recipient leaves candy, another has a boisterous “attack” rooster. Altogether it is a pleasant mission, but after the last meal is delivered, the group is more than ready to return and have lunch. At 3:30 Carol will return to an LFS group home in Bedford.

Carol Barnes

Carol, who has an intellectual disability, tried living independently, but her health suffered and she had trouble handling money. For her, living in a group home has meant independence, better health, and friendships within a safe, nurturing setting.

“It was a turning point in our lives,” says Carol’s father, Lynn Barnes. “Carol has really blossomed and come into her own, much of that is due to the care and love that she has gotten at LFS. She really loves the home and the people there, both peers and caregivers.”

For Lynn and Linda Barnes, having Carol settled and happy in a group home is peace of mind.

“From the very beginning, we wanted to know that Carol would be taken care of should something happen to us.”

Adds Barnes, “We are very proud of her. She is doing great.”

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