By Wade Viar

Lynchburg Day Support staff listened to our folks’ request and a local business stepped up to the plate! People in our disability services programs expressed the desire to boost their skills when it comes to adding, subtracting — aka money management.

That request prompted meet-and-greets with the Lynchburg Business Alliance team and Leah Shank. We then reached out to several businesses in the area and Essex Bank answered our call. The bank was a new establishment attempting to grow its agency and services. After meeting with the bank manager and discussing community engagement, Leslie Sprouse welcomed us with open arms.

Each person went through a series of simple money management courses: counting money, adding, subtracting, and balancing a checkbook. They looked forward to each session and talked about it all week long! After months of hard work, Essex Bank recently held a graduation for our folks — including a certificate, pizza party, yummy treats and lots of praise!

To hear the stories about what they learned and to see those smiling faces was truly rewarding for all of us involved. Helping our folks lead full, successful lives in our community is key.

We are extremely grateful to Essex Bank for providing this life-changing experience for the folks that we serve. I believe this experience and others we offer are perfect examples of what LFSVA’s mission is all about; striving for person-centeredness, abundance, building relationships, and stewardship in our community.