Recently, our very own Essential Pieces participant, 12-year-old Shonn Brown, had the opportunity to showcase his artistic talents. Shonn has been drawing since before he could write. Diagnosed with autism around age 3, he was not able to express and communicate as well as other children his age, so one way he chose to express himself was through his art. If it was left up to him, he would draw and play video games all the time.

Some of his favorite things to draw include Angry Birds, Pac-Man, and video game characters. Other activities he participates in are gymnastics, karate, baseball, basketball, and soccer. He also enjoys recording short films and listening to classical and 80’s music. Shonn hopes to continue to learn any new art techniques that will improve what he is already doing. Shonn’s main passion is drawing, and he wants to pursue a career as an artist. Art is his life!

For a few years now, Shonn has been sharing his artwork with family and friends, selling a few pieces along the way. Shonn’s business, “Through His Eyes Art Creations,” is growing by leaps and bounds. On Friday, July 17th, 2016, Shonn got the experience of a lifetime. He was chosen by Mother Earth Herbal & Apothecary to highlight his artwork in a private art show in the Hilton Area of Newport News, VA.

He said that his first art show was “scary at first, but then it was very exciting, it made me feel good.” Everything that Shonn sold that evening went directly to Shonn. To show continued support, Mother Earth Herbal & Apothecary has provided a wall for Shonn to display his art on. For every item sold, Shonn gets a percentage. With his earnings, Shonn plans to purchase better quality art supplies, model clay, and save some of his money for art school. So the next time you are in the Hilton area, drop in to check out Shonn’s art.

If you are interested in purchasing a custom piece, please contact his mother Nickie or drop by Mother Earth Herbal & Apothecary, located at: 10353 Warwick Blvd., Newport News, VA.