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Lutheran Family Services of Virginia > Annual Report 2016

The people of Lutheran Family Services work to create abundant possibilities for those who need us most. On any given day, 927 individuals benefit from our services with more than 1500 served this past fiscal year!

2015-2016 was characterized by abundance and stewardship: We grew, and we also made difficult decisions to close several services in order to provide the best program and financial outcomes.

Adoption & Treatment Foster Care


Jahem (in bow tie) with his new family

HIGHLIGHTS: We continue our focus on finding permanency for older children and those who are medically fragile, like Jahem. Although we closed TFC programs in two locations by transferring families to other providers, we expanded our adoption-competent counseling services to the Tidewater region.

  • 70 children connected with foster families
  • 4 children have loving permanent families
  • 374 nights of respite supported foster families
  • 32 individuals received post-adoption counseling

Therapeutic Day Treatment, Community-based Services & Autism Support


An EP participant at a community adventure

HIGHLIGHTS: Our Therapeutic Day Treatment services continue to grow as we work in nine schools in Winchester and Frederick County. The 2016 TDT summer program provided an invaluable bridge between school years. In early 2016 we ended the in-home and behavioral treatment programs as they were not financially sustainable. After nine active years, our Essential Pieces program in Winchester ended, but the EP program in Tidewater is growing and thriving.

  • 157 students in their home schools got the TDT support they needed to thrive in the classroom
  • 154 children & family members experienced education, support and fun through EP
  • 111 children & family members benefited from home-based, intensive in-home and Behavioral Treatment Services

Developmental Services


A resident of one of our Turning Point group homes

HIGHLIGHTS: Our services to adults with disabilities expanded! We acquired a company and added 29 Family Care Homes bringing our total to 184 homes across much of Virginia. To streamline our operations, we closed our Bedford Developmental Services location as we are able to serve the individuals who went to this day support program at our Lynchburg site. An exciting development is our new community-based Day Support model which will be offered in Northern Virginia (Fairfax County), Charlottesville, Lynchburg and Roanoke.

  • 392 individuals are living a fuller life because of the support and services they have received through our Day Support, Family Care Homes, in-home and other programs

Educational Services


One of our first students at the Bristol Minnick School

HIGHLIGHTS: We opened a new school in Bristol and moved into a new location for the Harrisonburg campus. Our educational programs’ capacity to serve both students with autism and with challenging behaviors and educational needs continues to grow. The Minnick Schools hired a Testing Coordinator and began using the PowerSchool Assessment system to provide pre- and post-tests for student achievement. Teachers receive data about their students and are able to teach to their individual needs.

  • 241 students from 36 localities received educational and behavioral services and 17 children returned to their home schools

Supported Employment Services


With supported employment, we will help individuals experience the satisfaction of a job well done

HIGHLIGHTS: Our new employment program is off to a great start. In January 2016 we were approved as a vendor to provide this service for the Department of Aging & Rehabilitative Services (DARS), and our first employment specialist was hired in April. Helping individuals with disabilities gain and keep real jobs with real wages is part of our vision for a full and complete life for all the people we serve.

Financials for 2015-16


LFSVA funds most of its services by partnering with state and local human services programs. Through contracts with the state of Virginia or localities, we can fulfill our mission AND participate in high-quality programs that serve the individuals who need us most. We also pursue private grant funding to supplement our services. In the last five years we have forged strong relationships with an increasing community of donors, who recognize the quality of our programs and share our passion to provide the fullest most complete life for the people we serve. Our administrative overhead is a little over 10 percent of our revenue.


Fees for Services $30,307,909
– Medicaid Fees for Service $20,038,172
– Other Fees for Service $10,269,737
Contributions & Grants $809,418
Other Income -$5,806*
Total Revenues $31,111,521


Developmental Services $16,678,390
Child and Family Services $4,558,307
Educational Services $6,356,579
Administration $3,191,919
Total Expenses $30,785,195

*includes investments

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