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Looking back, moving forward

If we had to choose a word to characterize 2014-2015, it would be opportunity. If we had to choose a second word, it would be abundance. A third? You! You help us create opportunity – for children, for families, for adults and for individuals with disabilities – so that they can continue to lead the fullest, most complete and abundant lives possible in their beloved communities.

people and families touched by our services

people receiving services on any given day

Our amazing supporters

The people who share our passion and support our programs make what we do possible. This past year we held our second successful “Pack the Park” fund-raiser for our Minnick Schools, saw more volunteers than ever help in our programs, welcomed volunteers who spiffed up our facilities, and joyfully received donations of school supplies and gifts for the children in our programs. And, our increasing social media reach is expanding our online LFSVA family. We are forming relationships that we hope last for a long, long time.


hours of work donated
Shelly and Volunteer

A participant and volunteer at the Lynchburg Day Support program.

Playground at Roanoke Minnick

Volunteer coordinator Mary Lou Blevins shovels mulch at the Roanoke Minnick playground.

Baseball Game

Ray Ratke, our COO, chats with a baseball fan and resident in one of our group homes – who also threw the first pitch!

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Foster Care & Adoption

Every child deserves a safe, healthy, loving family, and at Lutheran Family Services we find and prepare foster parents who take on this life-affirming task. Many of the older children in foster care have seen some tough times. And, because we understand how trauma affects children and how it relates to their behavior, we assemble a dedicated treatment team to help make the relationship a success. A new service introduced in 2014 is counseling for adoptive families by a certified “adoption-competent” therapist.

children connected with foster families
children adopted
nights of respite-supported foster families
individuals received post-adoption counseling
Adoption Day

Lena hugs her “official” mother at her adoption hearing in May while Henrico County Circuit Court Judge Gary A. Hicks looks on.

Clanahan Adoption Day

The Clanahan family, created through love and adoption.

Jordans at Home

The Jordan family, foster and adoptive parents.

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Community-Based Services

When a child is diagnosed on the autism spectrum, the effect on parents can be devastating and change daily life to a struggle. We help families face these challenges by offering vital education through Essential Pieces (EP), support through behavioral therapy services, and in-home counseling. EP provides free workshops, social groups for kids and community adventures for families affected by disabilities and autism. Parents tell us that our community-based services allow them to imagine a bright future for themselves and their children.

Community-Based Services

children and their families experienced education, support and family fun through EP
children received home-based services
33 & 88
children and family members benefitted from Behavioral Treatment Services
individuals took part in grief support groups
Essential Pieces

A family on an Essential Pieces community adventure.

Smiles abound at an Essential Pieces community adventure.


A student at Starkey Station, an LFSVA Minnick School that specializes in vocational programming for older students.

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Educational Services

LFSVA’s five Minnick Schools open the door to learning and a more fulfilling life – whether that be by helping students return to their home school or setting them on a vocational path that means dignity and independence. In addition to our schools, we offer Therapeutic Day Treatment (TDT), which helps children in public schools overcome mental health, emotional, and behavioral challenges so they can participate more fully in the classroom and remain in school.

students received educational and behavioral services
children returned to their home schools
school divisions served
students in their home schools got the TDT support they needed to thrive in the classroom
Minnick Baseball Game

A delighted Minnick School baseball fan at a Salem Red Sox game.

Ukulele Players

Future ukulelists at the Wise Minnick School with their new instruments.


A student at the Harrisonburg Minnick School who has made big strides in behavior.

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Individuals with Disabilities

We believe that everyone is worthy and deserves the best! We have expanded our programs for individuals with disabilities into northern Virginia and Tidewater, opened new group homes, refurbished existing group homes and day support programs, and recruited more family care home providers. In addition, we have expanded and continue to expand our Minnick School campuses to further serve families whose children have complex special needs.

individuals received support and services through our Day Support Programs, Family Care Homes, in-home services and other programs

A great smile from an individual in one of our Day Support programs.

Dancing at Prom

Dancing the afternoon away at the Lynchburg Day Support prom.

Flowers at Prom

A prom-goer enjoys getting her portrait taken at the Lynchburg Day Support prom.

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LFSVA funds most of its services by partnering with state and local human services programs. Through contracts with the state of Virginia or localities, we can fulfill our mission AND participate in high-quality programs that serve the individuals who need us most. We also pursue private grant funding to supplement our services and further enrich the lives of children, families and adults. In the last five years we have also forged strong relationships with an increasing community of donors, who recognize the quality of our programs and share our passion to provide the fullest most complete life for the people we serve. Our administrative overhead is 10 percent of our revenue.


Doughnut Chart-Revenue

Fees for Services: $27,434,002
– Medicaid Fees for Service: $17,817,000
– Other Fees for Service: $9,617,002
Contributions & Grants: $203,389
Other Income: $81,625
Total Revenues: $27,720,406



Doughnut Chart-Expenses

Developmental Services: $14,525,102
Child and Family Services: $4,852,659
Educational Services: $5,589,615
Admin: $2,864,302
Total Expenses: $27,831,678

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