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Robbie and Mikey Rouse

Robbie and Mikey Rouse, 16 and 14, are inquisitive, fun-loving brothers. They live in Salem with their great-grandmother, with daily assistance from Lutheran Family Services of Virginia in-home services professionals.

Robbie and Mikey’s muscles have been weakened by Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy a progressive disease that has affected nearly all the boys’ voluntary muscles and will eventually affect their hearts and lungs. Robbie was hospitalized in January but made a miraculous recovery.

The boys are crazy about all things space, whether it’s the hard science of NASA missions or the science fiction of Star Wars. Robbie knows the facts and figures, Mikey is the adventurer. He would like to be the first wheelchair astronaut.

Julie’s Abundance Project, a program of Lutheran Family Services of Virginia, is trying to organize a multi-day trip to the Virginia Air & Space Center in Hampton and, if possible, to meet real aerospace engineers and researchers at NASA Langley Research Center.

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