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A painting from the heart

Frances Thornburg Bost entered Lutheran Children’s Home in October 1944 with her sister, brother and step brother.  In 1945, two additional siblings joined them. To this day, Frances remembers the happy times she spent with lots of sisters to play with and the many opportunities she enjoyed that other children of the time could not.

She left  Lutheran Children’s Home in 1953; however, her fond memories of  the home remained with her throughout her life. Her experiences at the home so greatly influenced her that at age 55, when Frances took a painting class and fell in love with art, her first composed work was one that reflected her fondest memories there.

“The first painting I was driven to paint is a memory painting of children playing at the home,” said Frances. ” This was before any knowledge of how to draw, so I consider it very primitive. I could redo it now but, probably will not. It was from my heart.”

After creating her first painting, she sought a mentor and educated herself through art programs at several local community colleges. She now teaches painting in acrylic and oil at Catawba Valley Community College in Hickory NC.  As  a member of Piedmont Painters, an art group in existence for 29 years, she continues to paint and showcase her work. Her current artwork is on exhibition at Art and Artifacts in Blowing Rock NC.


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