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Essential PiecesSM Workshops FAQs

What are Essential PiecesSM Workshops?

Essential PiecesSM Workshops is a free educational program that meets monthly to provide workshops and educational information sessions to parents/caregivers, professionals, and individuals living with or affected by various disabilities. These workshops are currently only provided to adults. We provide you with various topics throughout the year to bring you information about programs, resources, and services which may be beneficial for you or those that you care for. Essential PiecesSM strives to connect families with the resources that they need to live abundant and full lives.

Who can attend?

Any adult, over of the age of 18, that is a self-advocate, who can participate with no assistance, parent/caregiver, and/or professional caring for children/individuals affected by a disability.

Can I bring my children?

Unfortunately, at this time, we do NOT offer supervision or social groups for children or individuals during our Essential PiecesSM Workshop programs. However, we do provide Community Adventures Program that is offered to the entire family!

When does Essential PiecesSM meet?

Essential PiecesSM workshops are typically held once per month. Please consult your calendar for meeting dates, times, and place. If you provide an email address an email invitation will also be sent to remind you of the upcoming workshops and programs.

Do I have to register?

YES, but it’s VERY easy! You may register online or call 757-722-4707 to register.

IS Essential PiecesSM REALLY FREE?

YES! We strive to offer all of our Essential Pieces programs completely FREE to the community.  All of our Essential PiecesSM staff, including speakers, volunteer their time to share information with you.

The majority of all of our workshops will be FREE; some of our workshops may require you to bring your own supplies, if enough are not donated to our programs. You will be reminded if you need to bring your own supplies to the Essential PiecesSM workshop.

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