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Strategic Plan for July 2013 to June 2017

Strategic Direction One

We will be based on core principles

Our organization will build an organizational culture based on a shared set of guiding principles that will be a part of all agency services, training, policies, procedures, practices, outcome measurements, and accountability.

  • By June 2017, we will have in place a culture based on these principles that will represent the best of what we aspire to in leadership, service delivery, policy, procedures, planning, work, and life.

Strategic Direction Two

We will grow

Our organization will provide a significantly higher amount, range and quality of services. Each service will be financially sustainable, will have in place the best service models, will expand existing services, improve infrastructure and experience significant growth in revenues.

  • By June 2017, we will be recognized as a leader in putting into place the most advanced service models, have a strong presence in every region of Virginia, and generate revenues to support an operating budget of at least $35,000,000.

Strategic Direction Three

We will build and strengthen our capacity to serve

We will look into every facet of our operation to create a continuously growing and improving organization that supports the highest quality of services, enhanced communications, the efficient management of financial resources, and the wise use of data in management and clinical decision-making.

  • By June 2017, we will have in place both the staff and the improvements in process and policy that will enable us to meet or exceed industry standards and performance measures.

Strategic Direction Four

We will be advocates

We believe that advocacy is a necessary and enriching extension of our work. We will empower employees to be advocates by giving them the training, tools and support they need to build community, professional and legislative relationships.

  • By June 2017, we will advocate at the national, state, and local levels on behalf of the people we serve and will be recognized as a leading advocacy organization within the state of Virginia.

Strategic Direction Five

We will raise more money, attract more volunteers and create strong congregational partnerships

We will empower all service divisions to seek fund-raising and relationship-building opportunities.

  • By June 2017 we will raise $500,000 through contributions, grants and special events; have an active and robust volunteer support program in most LFSVA service divisions and locations, and enjoy the support and partnership of Lutheran congregations throughout the Synod.
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