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Foster Care FAQs

Lutheran Family Services is as close as a phone call. Let our experienced and knowledgeable staff answer your questions about foster care. Call us toll-free at 1 (800) 359-3834.

Do I have to be Lutheran?

No, you do not need to have any particular religious affiliation.  Children placed with you may be of any religious background and we would expect all of our families to support and respect the child’s religious beliefs.

Do I receive financial support?

Foster parents receive monthly financial support from the state of Virginia that is used to care for the children in their home. This amount varies depending on the needs of the child and is used for child-related costs such as food, clothing and housing. Foster children have their own medical and dental coverage.

How long do foster children stay in a foster home?

It depends on the particular child and the parent’s situation. Every effort is made to reunite parents and children; sometimes a child may live with you for a few days or for several months. Children may also leave foster care to be placed with relatives. Some children may become available for adoption while living in your home.  We are a permanency driven agency and believe that if possible, children should reside with birth family or other suitable relatives.

What are the basic requirements to be a foster parent?

You must be at least 21 years old, be financially self-supporting, and meet the qualifications usually necessary for working with children. These include background checks, a health screening, and a home inspection. There is a certification process that includes training and a home study.

Do I have to be married?

No. Singles, as well as couples, may become foster parents if they meet basic requirements for approval.

Is there training?

Lutheran Family Services is proud of its training program, which varies in length from three to four weeks. Families also receive a comprehensive user-friendly handbook with information, parent tips and forms. Because we want parents to be as informed and prepared as possible, we require that they attend on-going training once they are certified. Call the LFSVA office nearest you for information on the next training session.

After I complete the training am I able to get a child?

Parents must first have a home study. An LFSVA services worker will visit your home and interview you and your family. This is an in-depth process that determines if treatment foster care is a good fit for you. You can read more about the home study process here.

How long does it take?

The process of becoming a foster parent varies for each individual and can take between three and six months. Some of this depends upon your readiness to become a foster or adoptive parent. We will work with you to create a time frame that works with your schedule.

How can I get more information?

To receive updates and information about foster care, please complete the form below.

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