'we use a best-practice, whole-child approach that opens the door to education and a more fulfilling life'

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‘Promise, restored’ defines our vision for the children we serve.

Parents want their children to be successful in school. But in some cases, students are met with challenges that to them seem insurmountable. They may act out, shut down, withdraw, or simply stay away from school. For these students, the promise of school success becomes lost on a road filled with school suspensions and negative sanctions. In many ways, they are on the darkest part of a journey in their young lives.

Minnick Schools offer an opportunity to take a different path. Highly trained educators help students learn about behavior choices, how to make better decisions, and how to respond to stressful and challenging situations. All students participate in a curriculum based on the Virginia Standards of Learning and have access to the tools of technology that help learning come alive. Experiencing academic success focuses students on a new way of interacting with teachers and classmates. Learning becomes fun again as they acquire strategies to achieve academic and transitional goals.

Minnick Schools serve students age 5 to 22 from 24 Virginia school districts in the Harrisonburg, Roanoke, Wytheville, and Wise regions. We open the door to education and a more fulfilling life on any number of levels–whether that be helping students return to their home school or setting them on a vocational path that means dignity and independence at home and in the community. We are caring partners with parents, who want the very best for their beloved child, and with schools, who want their students to be successful.